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Glide Business has been shortlisted for two entries at this year’s CNA Awards, recognising the creativity and innovation that has not only underpinned its growth, but enabled businesses and science parks across the country to access the connectivity it desperately needed.

Our core business focuses on business, science and industrial parks, who have historically been neglected by other providers and meets a real and growing demand for ultrafast services to UK SME businesses.

To do that requires a commitment to developing an infrastructure that is built for businesses, and ends in delivering superior, transformational connectivity beyond comparison to their current incumbent.

An industry leading FTTP solution

In October 2017 Glide Business launched an industry leading fibre to the premises (FTTP) solution to quench the thirst of ultrafast broadband hungry companies. Using our own network infrastructure, we embarked on creating a cost-effective, ultrafast delivery of broadband that’s available to over 50,000 business premises.

We achieved this by exploiting the use of the newly created Passive Infrastructure Access (PIA). Our ability to access the existing ducting network enables us to reach significantly more business with gigabit capable services in areas that have traditionally only been able to achieve up to 15 Mbit/s in speeds.

And that means our partners and end users have the competitive advantage they need to drive efficiencies and support their growth, as well as helping them provide something different from the standard connectivity options available.

G.Fast tech and gigabit broadband for the people

Not one to rest on our laurels, we’ve continued to push the envelope in the name of better business connectivity.

Unfortunately, meeting the need for ultrafast, gigabit capable services to future-proof UK firms has its ongoing challenges: the cost and speed of delivery into businesses as well as a continued reliance on Openreach and others to enable these services.

The first step was in October 2017 where we became the first alternative network ISP to launch a 500Mbps capable G.Fast hybrid fibre ultrafast broadband service for businesses via our own street cabinets. We didn’t wait for Openreach, we took the mandate of businesses across the land and did it ourselves.

The result? G.Fast can be delivered in just two weeks with minimal to no disruption, and after recent Government announcements it is vitally important we make copper a viable option for growing businesses.

The second step was the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. When it comes to the ultrafast connectivity, gigabit connectivity is the pinnacle, and that’s why we’ve loudly banged the drum of the gigabit scheme. After all, businesses deserve to know that £3,000 off the install of a gigabit capable connection is a true golden nugget for those that to compete today, tomorrow and beyond, but might not be able to afford the faster broadband that is a necessity.

Working with the DCMS, Glide Business was able to recommend companies like Nuco International take advantage of the free upgrade to full fibre broadband. Soon after, the benefits were very clear:

“The process of upgrading to full fibre to our office was relatively hassle free. The support team were on hand and sorted out everything within a day. It’s allowed us to think about what else we can put in the cloud.” Mark Langan, IT & Project Manager at Nuco International

Combining our FTTP service with our core network allowed us to quickly take advantage of the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS) for customers.

To date, we have requested an average of over 100 government vouchers a month; in the trial phase we issued 75% of vouchers in the pilot region of Coventry and Warwickshire.

Growing and fortifying our network reach

With over 50,000 premises passed, and our own network infrastructure as the foundation, we’re continuing to connect more companies to the connectivity their business needs.

Case in point, we’re set to deploy an additional 500km of full fibre over the next 18 months. And this summer marked the launch of our wholesale portal, a streamlined, simplified process for helping our partners connect their customers to our footprint.

And this is just the beginning. Our passion for doing what is right for businesses and their broadband is a fuel that doesn’t run out.

For more information about Glide Business’ connectivity solutions you can visit our products page, our innovation in our channel arm here, or learn more about our coverage with our network information page.

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