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Coventry's Builders Merchants Federation found the broadband they needed for their growth by unleashing a fibre to the premises connection, with a helping hand from the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. This is their story.

Life without fibre broadband

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) are dedicated to representing and protecting its members, covering 655 merchant and supplier companies who employ 115,000 people across the land.

With a membership of that size, and a real mix of activities to support their members’ interests, learning and development, it wasn’t until Glide Business’ network arrived in their industrial park that they finally had the broadband they needed.

Located on Coventry Business Park, the BMF found themselves in a position all too familiar to businesses across the country - their BT ADSL connection wasn’t enough, with the 8-24 mbit/s speeds slowing their growth.

“We were looking for an alternative. The existing ADSL wasn’t good enough, and with technology moving forward, it was clear that fibre broadband was just that much better.” Oz Bham, Membership and IT Manager, Builders Merchants Federation

Business broadband fact

ADSL uses telephone lines to transmit data along copper cables from your nearest telephone exchange to your business. Sadly, the further the exchange from your office, the slower your speeds are.

Fibre broadband is called superfast for a reason. Unaffected from how far your business is from the telephone exchange, it uses fibre optic cables to transmit data, and delivers superior download speeds.

Sensing a need to change in order to reach the heights it knew it could, the BMF sought an alternative from BT. That move was in 2014, with the help of the Super Connected Coventry project, where Glide Business helped businesses across Coventry to access superfast connectivity.

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Fibre brings growth

With ADSL firmly in their past, the BMF set its sights on growing its 2-3 headcount, and delivering added value to its members in the form of conferences, in-house digital-skill training workshops, which could see up to 150 people in the office and surrounding units, and a series of IT projects.

All of this quickly added up.

One project involved integrating a SAP system into merchant networks. With a project of this scale, any blockers to the project would have an impact on the delivery of the integration.

Although the BMF were enjoying speeds of 40 mbit/s, the team found that their download limits were being reached well before the reset period, and the speeds weren’t enough to support a project of such a scale:

“We found that our speed of 40 mbit/s meant that the project was being impacted. With something of this nature, a slow connection can mean it takes longer to send information, and makes it difficult to collaborate with people outside of the office.”

With the ambitions of tomorrow and today’s needs in mind, Oz contacted Glide Business to talk about the options available to the BMF.

Knowing that Glide Business were there to help the business in the past, they knew their growth necessitated a new solution, and Glide Business were well placed to find the right connection once more.

Neil, our Glide Business expert, talked through the possibility of switching to a fibre to the premises (FTTP) connection with Oz, which brought with it unparalleled reliability, ultrafast speeds and no download limits.

Delivered straight from Glide Business’ core network, the BMF were presented with the option to connect to ultrafast broadband, but the costs provided an obstacle. Enter the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Unleashing fibre through the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

FTTP provided BMF and Oz with the option of future proofing its digital infrastructure and a high bandwidth to fortify IT operations, but it was a discussion around the DCMS gigabit voucher scheme that was a welcome discovery for the company.

When talking to Glide Business, Oz learned that the government had pledged to the nation’s SMEs that they could secure a voucher worth up to £3,000 to help with developing their digital infrastructure.

“It’s typically costly to upgrade, but we knew that it was imperative to find a new solution. The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was something that we could use to help rationalise the cost, and when you combined the help with the improvement in speed, efficiencies, speed and reliability, it was a logical step to take.”

Oz was given a consultation by a Glide Business expert, and was walked through the whole process, from qualifying criteria to what to expect from the DCMS themselves.

“Neil was reliable, diligent, and always free to talk - a great example of how to find the right solution for your company.”

Simply put, the scheme was perfect for the BMF and their commercial plans, and means they now enjoy a healthy 80/20 mbit/s.

A fibre foundation for the future

The end result is one which Glide Business takes pride in. The BMF are growing, and doing more for their members, and its digital infrastructure and ultrafast broadband is playing its part in ensuring this.

Looking into the future, Oz has set his sights on a Fibre Leased Line to help with the evolution of the organisation. The company finds itself in a strong position to move forward, running more workshops and conferences to highlight innovations in its industry, and support its members.

And we’re delighted to be a part of their success, delivering on doing what is right for businesses and their broadband is a fuel that doesn’t run out.

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