Accommodation is so much more than a place to sleep for students; it’s their new home-away-from-home. To help them settle in, students need familiar services that work the way they’re used to.

At home, students wouldn’t give a second thought to connecting multiple devices to a home Wi-Fi network and then connecting them with each other. Imagine how frustrating it will be for Generation-Z to get to university and not have that familiar experience?

Before now, the Wi-Fi in halls of residence didn’t allow students to wirelessly connect all their devices. We knew this wasn’t making students happy, which is why we have developed the Glide Home Network. Now, students can connect as many as 25 devices on a private network without the need for a Wi-Fi router, so they will feel right at home in their accommodation. Pretty cool, right?

From September 2018 (rollout across 2018-19), Wi-Fi devices will be able to connect and communicate on our shiny new Glide Home Network.

Print documents from anywhere in halls; play music from a network storage device in common areas; share course materials. Plus, unlike cloud services or apps which can make connecting devices slow and confusing, the Glide Home Network allows students to enjoy fast, seamless connectivity instantly, with minimum setting up.

Our Home Network will be accessible to most devices, including those using iOS, Google Android or Windows operating systems from anywhere in a building with Wi-Fi provided by Glide.

The Home Network makes it possible for a user’s devices to interact anywhere in the building over any available Wi-Fi connection. In addition, whilst on the Home Network, the user’s devices will be visible only to the user. The Home Network will be private and re-create the home networking experience your residents expect.

Our considerable investment in network infrastructure and software enhancements will provide fast, reliable inter-device connectivity. Home Network is compatible with Alexa, wireless printers, network storage, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Airplay, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, video cameras and numerous other devices.

Nobody in the sector knows students better than Glide. With 28 years of experience, delivering our service to over 250,000 residents across more than 600 different locations, we’re trusted in our field and can provide you with a service that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.


How many devices can I connect to the Glide HomeNetwork?


Do I need to connect to a router to use my home network?

No – The Glide HomeNetwork creates a home router-type experience using Wi-Fi access points and fixed broadband service outlets.

Do I need to download any software or an app?

No – You can configure the Glide Home Network by accessing the MyAccount portal, then using the standard Apps and User Interfaces provided by the respective devices and operating systems in the normal way. There is no need to enter usernames and/or passwords other than to access the MyAccount portal.

Will the HomeNetwork just work in my room?

No – You can use the Home Network from anywhere in the building where the Wi-Fi and fixed broadband service is provided by Glide.

Will the HomeNetwork only work on wireless?

Yes – The HomeNetwork will work only on wireless connections.

Managed Internet Service for University and Student Accommodation

Enhance your students’ online experience with better Wi-Fi for student accommodation. From in depth monthly service reports, annual reviews, marketing materials to a student friendly Service Desk and onsite support, Glide Student will provide everything you need for a fully reliable managed internet service for both you and your students.

Wi-Fi for Student Accommodation

Students want to be constantly connected, wherever they are. Glide Student’s best in class intelligent pervasive Wi-Fi means that students can enjoy a seamless internet connection across their multiple devices wherever they are in their student accommodation. Plus all the support they need.

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