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Too many businesses are held back by slow, unreliable internet. Glide Business are here to change your broadband for the better. 

Delivered from our own fibre network, our ultrafast and superfast broadband solutions provide your business with the connectivity that'll help your company excel.

Whether you're using business-grade apps, communicating with customers, driving cost efficiencies via the cloud, or connecting multiple sites, modern business relies on great internet.

From the little green roadside cabinet near your business park, to your offices, we're unleashing fibre on industrial states across the UK to supply full fibre broadband to the hard-to-reach sites left behind by most Internet Service Providers.

Every Glide Business service is specially built for businesses to support your growth, helping you do more with your time, your life and your work.

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If we’re not in your area, we'll show you other national options, and you can register your interest to bring our fibre network near you!

Business Broadband Solutions

Whether you’re a business owner that just needs faster internet or an IT Director that wants the nitty gritty details of contention rates, latency and assured speeds, Glide Business is here for you with a wide range of business broadband solutions.

   FTTP ultrafast broadband 


Fibre broadband all the way to your office. If you're serious about using digital in your day to day, your business can't get better than fibre to the premises. Unleash fibre and you'll be rewarded with speeds up to 1 gbit/s, an industry leading 5:1 contention ratio, a free WiFi router, and peace of mind.

Unleash fibre
   FTTC Superfast broadband 


Superfast fibre broadband straight to our green cabinet, and copper to your premise. Our fibre to the cabinet broadband taps into our fibre network to give you a blend of fibre tech with the assured speeds up to 100 mbit/s and an absence of technical disruptions that'll help you sleep at night!

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      Ultrafast fibre leased lines 

Fibre leased lines

Meet ultrafast business broadband. Our fibre leased lines run straight to your premise, bringing unlimited bandwidth, reliability, uncontended lines, and mind-bending speed.

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      Superfast copper leased lines 

Copper leased lines

Superfast speeds, dependability and two enhanced copper leased lines await you. Enjoy guaranteed speeds of 40 Mbit/s, 2 week install and the world of better broadband.

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Take your phones online with our cloud-based voice and telephony solutions. Staying connected has never been easier when it comes to talking on the telephone.

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Securely communicate and connect between your offices through a private network that Glide builds, delivers and fully managed. That's peace of mind when it comes to your premises.

Discover MPLS

Ultrafast Business Broadband with Glide

Broadband. Built for Business. Straight from the source. Delivered from our own fibre network, our ultrafast and superfast broadband solutions provide your business with the connectivity that it deserves. From the little green roadside cabinet near your business park, to your offices, we're unleashing fibre on industrial states across the UK to supply full fibre broadband to the hard-to-reach sites left behind by most Internet Service Providers.

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Gigabit broadband voucher scheme

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Money off a gigabit connection is a pretty sweet deal, right? It really is, because in November 2018 the Government announced their £3,000 vouchers off gigabit connectivity would decrease to a maximum of £2,500!

We know that old adage about some things look too good to be true. But through the Government's Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme you're able to upgrade to the gold-standard in business broadband - ultrafast internet. 

With Glide Business' experience in the scheme drawing over 600 businesses to upgrade their connectivity with us, our gigabit knowledge hub is where to go to get your hands on the gigabit voucher.

There are just 4 steps between you and your business' ultrafast gigabit connection. And it begins with clicking the button below..

Claim your £2,500 gigabit voucher

What businesses say about us


Builders Merchants Federation

The choice to go to ultrafast fibre broadband was a logical one, but the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme made a real difference

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Blue Chilli Design and Print

"Our broadband was becoming a problem. We were missing print deadlines, or otherwise coming extremely close. An hour of time is money."

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Gigante Computers

"It may seem minor, but our card machine now processes payments for customers much faster, which has improved the customer experience."

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Nuco International

Nuco International always struggled with their slow, unreliable ADSL connection. But Glide Business' fibre broadband changed everything.

find out more

Tata Steel Europe

Searching for a gigabit point to point data connection, Tata Steel Europe needed a solution from an ISP with business broadband expertise. This is how a 4 gbit/s connection obliterated the average 3-4 hours it took to back-up their data.

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Stoneleigh Park

“The park’s tenants were suffering from critically low broadband speeds, but now with Glide Business supplying a high-quality, cost-effective service, we've been extremely impressed with the results.”

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Blog and News


“Glide Business provide an excellent service. Together with a very high technical skill set, they bring commercial acumen and sense along with strategic thinking around projects.”

Craig Joy, Head of IT, Coventry Transport Museum

“Glide had the capacity and speed for data over a considerable connection, and the end result is that we’ve comfortably covered our needs well into the future.”

Jeremy Quilter, Facilities and UK Health and Safety Manager R&D, UK, Tata Steel Europe

“Glide Business has been outstanding in everything from the approach-ability, skill and responsiveness of the sales and technical teams, through to the solution design, seamless implementation and ongoing support. Compared to our previous supplier, the service is cheaper, more reliable and provides an all-around better service – I wish we had moved years ago.”

Kay Phillips, Group IT Manager, ARRK Europe Ltd

“The process of upgrading with Glide Business to full fibre to our office was relatively hassle free. The support team were on hand and sorted out everything within a day. Most importantly, we’re getting the speed that was promised to us – a rarity for utilities companies.”

Mark Langan, IT & Project Manager, Nuco International

“We were missing print deadlines, or otherwise coming extremely close. An hour of time is money. We can’t be the company we are with a slow internet connection. Without Glide Business, I’m not too sure what we would have done.”

Karl Wheeler, Creative Director, Blue Chilli Print and Design
BMF business fibre broadband gigabit

“We were looking for an alternative. The existing ADSL wasn’t good enough, and with technology moving forward, it was clear that fibre broadband was just that much better. The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was something that we could use to help rationalise the cost, and when you combined the help with the improvement in speed, efficiencies, speed and reliability, it was a logical step to take.”

Oz Bham, Membership and IT Manager, Builders Merchant Federation

“We were already sold on the benefits of gigabit-capable full fibre broadband, but cost was always going to be the main obstacle. The voucher scheme made everything possible. The upgrade was delivered ahead of the quoted lead time. Infrastructure installation was carried out only a few weeks after our order was confirmed and took only half a day for the Glide engineers to complete.”

Stephen King, Owner, Gigante Computers

“Glide Business were ideally placed to meet our Internet and telephony needs when we were setting up an office in Coventry. They were flexible and responsive to our needs as we planned to move in and they continued to be helpful and very easy to work with as our requirements changed and evolved over the years. We have been thoroughly satisfied with the level of service and support and would have no hesitation in recommending Glide Business's services.”

Salih Suavi, Technical Resources Manager, Metaswitch

“Before it was awful – downloading took forever, but with the new Glide connections it means we now have the confidence to install new software that we would not have been able to use before. It means we are changing the way we do business and, more importantly, it's helping us grow.”

Ben Day, Director of Operations, Touch FM

“Connectivity is central to our business. It is the basis of the majority of our communication so we simply could not continue to operate with the service we were receiving prior to making the switch. The service provided by Glide Business has been exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure that we were set up correctly and able to provide excellent customer care – something which will remain critical as we look to introduce new products and features to our current range.”

Scott Hosten, Internal Sales Manager, Norres UK Ltd

“It's wonderful to be able to say that because of Glide Business, we have a download speed in the region of 40 to 43 mbit/s and upload around 4-5 mbit/s. This will mean that for the first time we can look at cloud based solutions for our business. Which in turn will mean efficiencies to the business and better service to our clients.”

Sue Shears, Business Manager, Thomson Gray Wealth Management

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Glide Business is proud to be part of the Glide family. With our enterprise-grade products and the group’s expanding national fibre network, we’re connecting more customers in hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing speeds no one else can, and enabling businesses everywhere to do more than they thought possible with exceptional connectivity solutions.