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The Challenge

With a membership of 655 companies, and a mix of activities to support their members, the Builders Merchants Federation's BT ADSL connection offered them a 8-24 mbit/s speed range.

That was a speed which many businesses face in the UK, and it was really hampering their growth. 

Enter Glide Business. 

With the coverage of the BMF's industrial estate, the Coventry Business Park, the Federation were introduced to a world of full fibre opportunities.

Unleash the power of fibre broadband

Getting to the core of their connectivity

Although ADSL (short-hand for asymmetric digital subscriber line) is available to roughly 99% of the UK, the truth is that it's sufficient for home broadband, but when it comes to business broadband, it comes up short.

For a business that is constantly required to send large files and PDFs externally to printers or clients directly, the threat to the business was clear for the people at the BMF. 

“The existing ADSL wasn’t good enough, and with technology moving forward, it was clear that fibre broadband was just that much better.”

Oz Bham, Membership and IT Manager, Builders Merchants Federation

The Solution

For businesses that seldom use the internet, a fast connection with unshakeable reliability isn't the highest of priorities. But those businesses that need broadband for their daily and future needs are going to be after something more apt. 

When Glide Business' network extended to the Coventry Business Park, it brought the promise of super and ultrafast connectivity to over 35 companies of all types. The BMF soon sought better business connectivity from Glide, soon upgrading to a 40 mbit/s connection. 

Yet their growth and ambitious IT migration projects eventually meant that a fibre solution found its way to the top of the agenda for the Federation, says Oz Bham:

“A slow connection can mean it takes longer to send information, and makes it difficult to collaborate with people outside of the office.”

The answer came in the form of fibre. However, although full fibre has been unleashed around the UK thanks to ISPs like Glide Business, and the costs are decreasing year on year, the costs of a digital infrastructure upgrade can be a sticking point.

The Benefits

With the help of the government's Gigabit Voucher Scheme, the £3000 voucher influenced the BMF's conclusion that a FTTP connection was the way to go.

The assistance from the DCMS to get up to £3000 off the cost of installing ultrafast broadband was a welcome bit of news.

Oz was given a consultation by a Glide Business expert, and was walked through the whole gigabit scheme process, from qualifying criteria to what to expect from the DCMS themselves. 

In no time the BMF became one of the 600 businesses that have received a gigabit voucher through Glide Business.

The result is a fibre connection straight to their premise, which means they're enjoying a 80/20 mbit/s connection which is the perfect foundation for rolling out more training and IT projects in their Coventry offices. 

With one eye on the future, the BMF are considering a Fibre Leased Line which offers unlimited data transfer and upload, the perfect fuel for any businesses' growth.

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“It’s typically costly to upgrade, but we knew that it was imperative to find a new solution. The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was something that we could use to help rationalise the cost, and when you combined the help with the improvement in speed, efficiencies, and reliability, it was a logical step to take.”

Oz Bham, Member and IT Manager, Builders Merchants Federation
Fibre broadband unleashed

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The BMF decided to unleash fibre broadband for their business, and it put an end to their broadband problems.

Too many companies suffer like the BMF, and that's why we're taking a stand against poor, unreliable internet.

And we're doing just that by unleashing fibre broadband across the country.

Supplied from our fibre network to your company's premises, our fibre to the premises internet is the solution to your pain. 

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