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The Challenge

Globally known Tata Steel Europe need little introduction.

With the group supplying high-grade steel across multiple markets, including the automotive industry, business-grade connectivity solutions are a must. 

In October 2015 the business relocated their offices to Coventry's University of Warwick Science Park, choosing Glide Business to provide their business-grade broadband.

By 2018, Tata Steel Europe turned its sights to combining its existing offices to drive greater efficiencies. Prior to the move, Tata Steel Europe were provided data backup from one office to the other.

But this change of location meant that the company faced the prospect of being without off-site data backup. Enter Glide Business to tackle this strategic challenge. 

“With our prior relationship through the University of Warwick Science Park, which gave us two dark fibre links thanks to Glide, it was logical to progress with Glide Business.”

Jeremy Quilter, Facilities and UK Health and Safety Manager R&D, UK, Tata Steel Europe

Tata steel europe glide business gigabit project

The Solution

When it came to data back-up, the speed of the data connection between two sites can make a tremendous impact on day to day operations.

Before the project, Tata Steel Europe had a 1 gbit/s link between the two sites, which meant it took 3-4 hours to perform a data back-up, a necessity with the wider car manufacturing industry. 

With a 4 gbit/s broadband connection at their disposal, Jeremy, the design engineers and researchers are in an entirely different world. 

The end result is that the team are now able to perform multiple instant snapshots throughout the day, and top it off with a daily backup. 

The End Result

In order to guarantee the point to point circuit, Glide Business implemented a back-haul upgrade, navigated internal cabling, and remained in constant contact with Jeremy to maintain the project’s deadlines. 

By choosing to go to a business broadband expert, and work collaboratively with a Glide Strategic Account Manager, Jeremy left delighted with the outcome.

Tata Steel Europe now have a point to point, 4 gbit/s connection needed from the project, and Glide Business are proud of the results!

“I was confident I could trust the whole Glide team to take care of the project and meet the agreed deadlines. Glide had the capacity and speed for data over a considerable connection, and the end result is that we’ve comfortably covered our needs well into the future.”

Jeremy Quilter, Facilities and UK Health and Safety Manager R&D, UK, Tata Steel Europe

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