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Working for you, working with you

Glide Business makes it as easy as possible to grow your business. As a specialist ISP with connectivity solutions delivered over our own fibre infrastructure, we offer better price points, the gold standard of business-grade products and services, and the support and flexibility you need to drive your business forward today. From super-fast broadband and reliable MPLS solutions to voice products, let’s get you connected.


Complete peace of mind

There’s a reason why resellers all over the country trust Glide Business: we bring national scale, experienced technical support, and our in-house capability to supply and manage an end-to-end experience for your customers. With proactive 24/7 network monitoring, that means less time worrying about managing the connection, and more time driving your business forward.


Giving you more options

Your customers are demanding more. Make sure your offering keeps up with them. With a reliable national network used by thousands of businesses, you have all the tools you need to provide even more end user solutions that modern businesses are after.


Managed and unmanaged connections

No two channel partners are the same, which is why our solutions are tailored around you. Whether you just want to access our network with an unmanaged connection in order to put your own transit and IP range on it, or whether you prefer Glide Business to manage the connection end to end for you so you can white label it, let’s talk about how we can help you.


Better reach

Imagine being able to sell to customers around the country. Not many ISPs build their own network; fewer still have the size and scale that Glide Business does. Our partners enjoy access to a unique and expanding infrastructure footprint, giving you inroads to customers all over the UK, from urban areas to hard-to-reach sites.

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Business Broadband

Whether you’re a business owner that just needs faster internet or an IT Director that wants the nitty gritty details of contention rates, latency and assured speeds, Glide Business is here for you.



If you’re at your wit’s end trying to get connectivity in your area, our Business Broadband offers super-fast 100 Mbit/s download speeds for everyday use without costly inconvenience and technical disruptions. Perfect for smaller businesses and companies with fewer employees or lower usage needs.

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If your business needs ultrafast broadband and a fibre network to future-proof your digital infrastructure, our fibre to the premises is literally built for you. This robust solution delivers business-grade fibre with 1 Gbit/s speeds directly to your premises.

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Leased Lines

Many businesses need more than just speed. They require a guaranteed service for absolute assurance. So, let us introduce you to our leased lines. Our copper and fibre options are the highest grade of connectivity and are designed for businesses that need guaranteed performance, reliability and robust infrastructure for your critical everyday operations – now and in the future. You’ve never experienced anything like it.

If you need absolute peace of mind and uncontended, low latency connections to the internet or an MPLS network, speak to us today.

  • 1:1 contention

  • Up to 10 Gbit/s download and upload

  • Proactive service monitoring/restoration

  • Low latency

  • Guaranteed SLAs

  • Synchronous speeds

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • 365/24/7 UK-based network engineers and expert technical support from our in-house Glide team


Copper leased lines

Installed within two weeks, this superfast, dependable leased line is delivered over two enhanced copper lines (so in case one goes down, you never suffer or notice downtimes) delivering you synchronous guaranteed performance at 40Mbs. Focus on running your business; we’ll take care of your connectivity.

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Fibre leased lines

Say hello to the gold standard of Glide Business connectivity. Our fibre leased lines run all the way to your premises and offer unlimited bandwidth, synchronous speeds, and completely uncontended lines so you never compromise on speed or reliability.

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MPLS solutions


Wherever your teams are, that’s where your networks need to be. Our MPLS solutions allow you to securely communicate and connect between locations by creating a private network that we build, deliver and fully manage.

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Outstanding connectivity. Over the moon partners.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when it comes to what our partners think about working with Glide Business, we let them do the talking...

"Glide has enabled us to recommend a proven and reliable superfast broadband solution to our customers who have historically had to ‘get by’ with slow speeds or pay extortionate fees for leased lines which most of the time are overkill.”

James Ryan, Sales Manager, Chandler Comms

Network map

We're proud to own every piece of kit, from our own infrastructure to roadside green cabinet to the fibre customers’ buildings. It’s this infrastructure which makes Glide Business solutions, speeds and coverage possible, allowing us to connect thousands of customers of all sizes and drive growth for resellers and our channel partners.

Our network is a high performance national backbone infrastructure based around a 10-Gigabit Ethernet core in London, the Midlands and Manchester. See where our cabinets are located and if you’re lucky enough to be covered by our network.

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“Glide Business enable us to offer a quality connectivity bolt on for our telecommunications offerings with the confidence and quality that our customers demand. Couple this with expert support and efficient order processing, we can ensure we get an extremely attentive service from initial ordering through to provisioning and ongoing customer care.”

Stuart Gibson, Director, PBX Hosting

“Partnering with Glide Business has been invaluable to our business. They enable us to unlock a bigger variety of services to our clients by providing fast and reliable connectivity products. Working with the team is effortless. We always receive predictable and timely installation; which is rare amongst service providers.”

Alex Parsons, Technical Director, Kyonet IT

“Glide Business has enabled us to recommend a proven and reliable superfast broadband solution to our customers who have historically had to ‘get by’ with slow speeds or pay extortionate fees for leased lines which most of the time are overkill.”

James Ryan, Sales Manager, Chandler Comms

“The pricing with Glide Business has helped us win business, undercutting all the common providers out there.”

Mark Viccars, Managing Director, Digi Toolbox

“We ordered three fibre leased line circuits from Glide and can report that the reliability and performance of the circuits has consistently exceeded our own demanding expectations. Up time has been 100% and bandwidth delivery has exceeded the performance contracted to. These important factors have enabled us to concentrate on Wi-Fi, Networking, CCTV and the end-user on-site maintenance support that is important to us as a Managed Service provider.”

Tim Allen, Co-founder, Student Internet

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Our core office hours are Monday – Friday 08:30 – 18:00 for standard queries.

Whether you need help finding the right connectivity solutions for your business, are looking for troubleshooting help or want to speak to a technical expert, get in touch with our team today.

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Glide Business is proud to be part of the Glide family. With our enterprise-grade products and the group’s expanding national fibre network, we’re connecting more customers in hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing speeds no one else can, and enabling businesses everywhere to do more than they thought possible with exceptional connectivity solutions.