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Glide Business FTTC is a combination of fibre optic and copper cables. We run fibre over our own national network infrastructure to the Glide street cabinet nearest your customers, with the final link made up of copper telephone lines to their premises. This ensures high speeds by bringing fibre closer to your customer’s office, and faster internet means they can do more with their time and their business.


5:1 contention rates

Standard business contention ratios are 20:1. Glide Business offers lower contention rates, which means fewer people are connected to your customer’s line, to keep speeds high.


Assured speeds

We deliver the speeds we say we will, so you, and your customers can buy with confidence.


UK-based in-house support

Our team of UK-based network engineers and friendly technical experts are available during office hours.


Glide WiFi router

We provide each customer with their own WiFi router, specially engineered to deliver the highest speeds possible.

Glide Business is proud to be part of the Glide family. With our enterprise-grade products and the group’s expanding national fibre network, we’re connecting more customers in hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing speeds no one else can, and enabling businesses everywhere to do more than they thought possible with exceptional connectivity solutions.

Offer the best FTTC solution to your customers.

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