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What is a Copper Leased Line?

What is a Copper Leased Line?

Copper Leased Lines are a dedicated connection that gives your business high quality, synchronous bandwidth and uncontended internet. With installation within 2 weeks, a back-up line for greater reliability, and speeds up to 40 mbit/s, they're a great fit for a growing business.

In essence, it means your business’ broadband speed will be consistent because you don’t have to share with your neighbours.

Why choose a Copper Leased Line?

Copper Leased Lines are:

  • Completely uncontended – You’ll never share your connection with anyone else and will always benefit from the speeds we promise

  • Provided with a range of IPv4 and IPV6 addresses

  • Installed within 2 weeks – Faster than fibre Leased Lines, copper is delivered over fibre optic to our own cabinet, with the last section to your premises run over two enhanced copper lines

Because Copper Leased Lines are completely dedicated to your business, it reduces the risk of the internet dropping off, which means getting more done!

Find out if you can get a Copper Leased Line

Just enter your postcode below and we'll let you know the availability of Copper Leased Lines in your area.


The speeds we promise are the speeds you get

Guaranteed up to 40 Mbps synchronous service, there are no more empty “up to” promises.


Unbeatable SLAs

We always have your back with 99.99% SLAs that eliminate the risk of slow or variable speeds, which means your day-to-day business operations are always protected.


Say goodbye to data allowances and charges

Your leased lines come with unlimited data transfer allowance and upload volumes.


A completely uncontended service

That means you never share the internet connection with any other business.


Total peace of mind

Our team proactively monitors to spot issues and nip them in the bud before they affect business.


Always here when you need us

As a leased line customer, our UK-based network engineers and in-house technical support is here for you 24/7 365 days a year.

Next Steps

You’re only two weeks away from our high-quality copper leased lines.

Pop in your details and one of our Glide Business experts will be in touch soon to see how we can help your business today.

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