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Superfast business broadband like no other

We provide our own superfast fibre broadband connectivity over our own core national network to your business' nearest Glide green cabinet. Only the last section is delivered over copper. 

That assures you a high bandwidth which enables you to do more without costly inconvenience and technical disruptions, making it perfect for businesses that need super-fast broadband for day to day operations.

What FTTC offers your business

Superfast broadband isn't just a term we throw around. An FTTC connection will bring your business these benefits, and a whole heap more.


Low contention ratio up to 5:1

When compared to average up-to 20:1 of alternative providers.


Assured speeds

The speed you choose to buy is the speed you get. None of this “up to X but yours can only do Y” nonsense.


Full support during office hours

Our team of UK-based, highly experienced network engineers and technical support is available during office hours.


WiFi router provided

Our WiFi router, engineered to deliver the highest speeds possible, is included with your solution.

Is FTTC available to your business?

Drop your postcode into the checker below to find out whether your business can get superfast fibre broadband through our Fibre to the Cabinet solution.

Superfast FTTC business broadband

FTTC changed everything for this business

Birmingham's Blue Chilli Print & Design had a clear growth plan, a high skilled team in place, and a new office - the only thing missing was broadband that didn't struggle with the basics like uploading a PDF.

Then along came superfast fibre broadband through FTTC.

Fibre to the Cabinet gave Blue Chilli Print & Design the digital foundations they needed to soar, putting their previous 1 mbit/s speeds firmly in their rear mirror.

They unleashed fibre broadband, and nothing was the same.

This is what FTTC can do

Fancy more FTTC info?

Our business broadband experts are on hand to answer your FTTC questions.

Fill in the form to the right to find out more about fibre to the cabinet for your business!

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Glide Business is proud to be part of the Glide family. With our enterprise-grade products and the group’s expanding national fibre network, we’re connecting more customers in hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing speeds no one else can, and enabling businesses everywhere to do more than they thought possible with exceptional connectivity solutions.