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Ultrafast broadband straight to your office

Stop pulling out your hair trying to get a decent broadband speed. 

Fibre to the premises means you’ll never be held back by slow internet again. 

Unlike copper, fibre optic cables offer better bandwidth, reliability and security.

We provide ultrafast fibre over our own core national network straight to your office, providing high bandwidth and future-proofing your digital infrastructure for future applications.

With our FTTP you can do more with your time, your life and your business.

What FTTP offers your business

The pinnacle of business broadband, this what your business can look forward to with a fibre to the premises connection.


Ultrafast speeds up to 1 Gbit/s

Fibre all the way to your premises delivers exceptional speeds and unlimited data transfer.


Future proof your IT estate

However your business and digital needs change over the next few years, your Glide Business fibre infrastructure will keep up with you.

     Ultrafast business broadband with low contention ratio 

Low contention ratio up to 5:1

When compared to average up-to 20:1 of alternative providers.

     Ultrafast business broadband support 

Full support during office hours

Our team of UK-based, highly experienced network engineers and technical support for total peace of mind.


WiFi router provided

Our WiFi router, engineered to deliver the highest speeds possible, is included with your solution.


IP addresses included

Static IPv4 and a /48 range of IPv6 addresses are provided as standard.

This business unleashed fibre through FTTP

FTTP helped this business no end

Coventry based Builders Merchants Federation found their ADSL wasn't cutting it when it came to daily operations.

When your internet brings projects to a grind, prevents running workshops, and leaves you wondering if you'll get disconnected half way through an upload, it's time for a change.

Enter fibre broadband through FTTP.

Fibre to the Premises gave BMF the right mix of speeds, resiliency and future-proofing to grow their organisation for the benefit of its members.

They unleashed fibre broadband on their organisation, and never looked back.

This is the stuff FTTP was made for

Is FTTP available to your business?

Drop your postcode into the checker below to find out whether your business can get ultrafast fibre broadband through our Fibre to the Premises solution,

Unleash fibre broadband for your business

Is fibre unleashed in your area?

Too many businesses suffer when it comes to their internet. We're here to see an end to that, and it all starts with one thing...

Unleashing fibre broadband.

Delivered straight from our fibre network to your company's premises, our fibre to the premises internet is just the ticket for putting your broadband woes behind you.

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Unleash the fibre

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