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With optional services such as centralised internet break-out and a managed Firewall, you can securely connect your locations and colleagues to each other without the headache of using Internet VPNs.

  • Fully managed service – Proactive monitoring and 24/7 expert technical support

  • In-house traffic routing and data security – We handle everything in house so adding a new office is easy to set up without complex Virtual Private Networks

  • QoS – Quality of service defined by you and our technical lead to ensure your applications and services are prioritised across the network

  • High performance core network – Glide Business runs its own substantial superfast broadband network, which means we have extremely low latency routing between all on-net sites

  • Flexibility – We can link customers using multiple tail-circuit options to give additional redundancy, including Fibre Leased Lines, EoFTTC/EFM, FTTC lines, ADSL and Mobile data

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Access anywhere

Your staff can access internal resources and services from any location.


Drives cost efficiencies

Eliminating expensive upfront hardware costs and ensuring a easy-to-manage monthly running cost.


Easily managed security policy

We consolidate internet access from all sites into one redundant pair of internet firewalls.


No more performance-degrading encryption

Glide Business infrastructure enables highly efficient network routing between sites so your performance stays high.

Several locations, one private network

Build the secure, private network your multi-site teams need now. Want to find out more about MPLS? Pop in your details and one of our Glide Business experts will be in touch soon to get your business up to speed, streamline operations, and drive the growth you’re after.

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Glide Business is proud to be part of the Glide family. With our enterprise-grade products and the group’s expanding national fibre network, we’re connecting more customers in hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing speeds no one else can, and enabling businesses everywhere to do more than they thought possible with exceptional connectivity solutions.