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What full fibre unleashed and ultrafast broadband is about

How can full fibre help your business?

Slow speeds be gone! Full fibre broadband has been unleashed and there's no turning back.

Imagine if your business wasn't shackled by slow speeds. You have a connection stronger than steel. Connectivity built for your business today, tomorrow and beyond.

That's what fibre unleashed is all about. It's about providing your business with the ultrafast broadband that no other ISP can back up.

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Fibre to your premise explained

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is this handy little explanation of FTTP. 

Full fibre broadband means you're connected directly to your premise. 

There's no messing around with copper wiring to slow you down.

Explaining FTTP and ultrafast broadband

If you're considering or already using the cloud, full fibre is for you. 

If you're using Skype to teleconference, this is for you. 

Simply put, if you're after speeds of up to 1 gbit/s which increases productivity and makes for a healthy bottom line - this is for you.

This is fibre unleashed. 

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“The process of upgrading with Glide Business to full fibre to our office was relatively hassle free. The support team were on hand and sorted out everything within a day. Most importantly, we’re getting the speed that was promised to us – a rarity for utilities companies.”

Mark Langan, IT & Project Manager, Nuco International

BMF business fibre broadband gigabit

“We were looking for an alternative. The existing ADSL wasn’t good enough, and with technology moving forward, it was clear that fibre broadband was just that much better. The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was something that we could use to help rationalise the cost, and when you combined the help with the improvement in speed, efficiencies, speed and reliability, it was a logical step to take.”

Oz Bham, Membership and IT Manager, Builders Merchants Federation

“We were already sold on the benefits of gigabit-capable full fibre broadband, but cost was always going to be the main obstacle. The voucher scheme made everything possible. The upgrade was delivered ahead of the quoted lead time. Infrastructure installation was carried out only a few weeks after our order was confirmed and took only half a day for the Glide engineers to complete.”

Stephen King, Owner, Gigante Computers

What products are available?

Unleashing fibre means waving goodbye to jargon and the nonsense that others tell you about your business' broadband.

We're boiling it down. Here's what's on offer to your business:

   Fibre unleashed to the premises utlrafast broadband f 

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

- Ultrafast fibre over our own network, straight to your premise

- Blistering speeds of up to 1 gbit/s

- Full support during office hours from business broadband experts

   Fibre unleashed brings your business these benefits 

Which means...

- Future proofing your digital infrastructure ahead of the curve 

- Increasing the agility and responsiveness of your operations

- Opening up a world of possibilities with cloud tech and the IoT

Gigabit voucher scheme and fibre unleashed

Fibre unleashed through the GBVS?

When it comes to fibre broadband, businesses can get hung up on the cost. But have you heard of GBVS - the Government's Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme?

It's an initiative to give your business up to £2,500 off ultrafast, fibre broadband. 

Providing you're an SME and pass the qualifying criteria, you can get a voucher, which will be available until the £67 million funding is set to run out in 2019/20.

With Glide Business' experience in the scheme drawing 600 businesses to date to upgrade their connectivity with us, and our gigabit knowledge hub to answer all your questions, you're in safe hands.

Ready to unleash the fibre?

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How fibre helped these businesses

These guys had fibre unleashed upon their business, and they haven't looked back


Builders Merchants Federation

The BMF were struggling with a BT ADSL connection prior to Glide Business.

When an IT project necessitated more speed, they sought FTTP. With a fibre connection to their premise, they now enjoy 80/20 mbit/s - perfect for supporting their growth. 


Gigante Computers

Gigante's distance from the telephone exchange was a real blocker. The solution? The unleashing of full fibre to their premises. 

After chatting to us, Gigante knew fibre was the answer. Thanks to the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, they're enjoying an ultrafast connection, and saved up to £3,000 off install!


Stoneleigh Park

By using a mixture of technologies, including Glide Business’ own Fibre-to-the-Premises and Sub-Loop Unbundling, Stoneleigh Park now benefits from ultra-fast broadband and leased lines with speeds up to 1Gbit/s helping to fortify and strengthen the park and attract tenants.


Nuco International

Unleashing fibre meant big things for Nuco International. 

Not only did it bring about better collaboration, an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs, it helped the business focus on the future, moving into the cloud, and setting its sights on international growth. Nice!

Ready to unleash the fibre?

Let's get you started on your fibre journey. 

It takes one small form and leads to big things. 

Leave your name, company, postcode and contact details and we'll be in touch.

Can't wait? 

Call us on 03455 911 311 or email to unleash the fibre!

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