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Our products and services

Our 360° solutions are designed to make your life easier, delight residents, drive the value of your properties, and future-proof your buildings.

We combine decades of cabling expertise and superfast broadband with innovative cabling solutions like Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ and additional services like SkyQ to service 350,000 residents over 600+ sites every single day



Super-fast, reliable WiFi is an essential part of modern life. Because Glide Residential delivers broadband over our own network infrastructure, we fully manage an end-to-end, easy to use connectivity solution that’s designed for your residents.

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Smart Fibre Infrastructure™

Glide Residential is the first to launch an innovative product like this. A fully managed seamless fibre network through your building that drives efficiencies, drives down operating, costs and means your property is already fit for the future.

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We design, engineer and install our own national fibre networks, which means we fully manage your end-to-end connectivity experience.


Sky Q

Drive interest in your properties with Sky Q availability. Our special Sky partnership means your residents can have the best entertainment package at a discounted rate, over a network that’s built with Sky Q capability.


Third party services

Get more out of your building. Our network’s exceptional connectivity supports third party services, including door access, IP CCTV and smart home applications to control each flat’s heating, lights, door entry, and more. Our network also supports VOIP solutions so you can connect to friends and family easily.


Customer Support

We are here 24/7/365 for your residents with a friendly in-house support team to answer any questions and enable them to do more with their connections. Down-to-earth and always approachable, our dedicated service desk is a quick phone call, email, or message away.


Niall Southwell, Moorfield Group

“Broadband has become the 4th most important utility, so it is essential that we provide the best service...”

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Dan Brooks, Moda Living

“Our aim is to provide a lifestyle, not a landlord, by creating inclusive social living that expertly blends work and play for our residents..."

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Peter Hynd, Promenade Estates

“It sounds simple, but anything that brings people together and helps them interact goes a long way to reinforcing the appeal of a place to live."

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Westrock & PLATFORM_

Westrock, an international real estate investment company, has chosen Glide Residential to supply their expanding Build to Rent portfolio

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Blog and News


“The instant connectivity provided by Glide Residential was a significant bonus for us. Not only do we benefit from being able to roll the cost of the internet service into our rental costs, but we also benefit from the 24/7 customer service provided by the team.”

Dan Brooks, Director, Moda Living

“SFI™ is not only faster, but offers more flexibility on the services we can offer our residents such as CCTV, door entry, Wi-Fi controlled lighting and smart metering.” 

Niall Southwell, Senior Development Manager, Moorfield Group

“It sounds simple, but anything that brings people together and helps them interact goes a long way to reinforcing the appeal of a place to live.” 

Peter Hynd, Chairman, Promenade Estates

As part of the Glide group, Glide Residential brings together Build to Rent sector insight with the group’s market-leading connectivity services. That means we provide and fully control our own end-to-end network experience, guaranteeing super-fast speeds and ensuring your residents always have an outstanding service and in-house customer support.

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Our core office hours are Monday – Friday 08:30 – 18:00 for standard queries.

Whether you need help finding the right connectivity solutions for your business, are looking for troubleshooting help or want to speak to a technical expert, get in touch with our team today.

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