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Customer Need

Moorfield recognise that tenants are increasingly expecting more and more from their living spaces, including a high quality fit out and a social community feel. Moorfield sites contain communal spaces such as gyms, resident lounges and co-working spaces, as well as useful services like parcel storage, cycle stores and concierge services.

Niall Southwell, the Senior Development Manager for Moorfield Group, explained: “BTR is a nascent but growing asset class and Moorfield has been a pioneer in this sector, completing the first purpose designed BTR scheme outside London in 2015. BTR is a rapidly expanding and ambitious market that is no longer restricted to just young professionals and post-grads. We believe the most important element of a successful residential development is that we don’t just provide a building, but somewhere our customers really want to call home. We provide a lifestyle and constantly strive to improve our offering.”

The Solution

Moorfield were attracted to Glide Residential’s Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™) as fibre has become the ‘buzzword in connectivity’. SFI™ is not only faster, but offers more flexibility on the services available to residents and building operators such as digital TV and 3G/4G in-building services, CCTV and door entry systems.

At Glide Residential, we are experts at delivering managed internet services and have developed products and services to answer the demands of developers, landlords and their residents. Our Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™) sets our service apart in the sector by offering a more efficient, smarter and simpler way to cable your building. Adding rental value, making significant operational cost savings and enhancing yields. With SFI™, your building is future-proofed for the next 30-40 years, as there are no restrictions to what can be delivered via our fibre design.

“We have spoken to consultants and operators to get as much market intelligence as we can and make sure we’re not missing a trick. From this, we saw just how important fast-internet connectivity is for both operators and the residents. Broadband has become the 4th most important utility, so it is essential that we provide the best service we can to our residents”

Niall Southwell, Senior Development Manager, Moorfield Group

As part of the Glide group, Glide Residential brings together Build to Rent sector insight with the group’s market-leading connectivity services. That means we provide and fully control our own end-to-end network experience, guaranteeing super-fast speeds and ensuring your residents always have an outstanding service and in-house customer support.

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