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Most cabling systems are a headache to install and manage, as they deteriorate over time. Glide Residential’s game-changing SFI™ solution is a seamless network that builds a single fibre directly to each apartment. It’s one system and one network for all your smart technology, from the connectivity specialists for Built to Rent developers.


Added value and cost efficiencies

SFI™ is one seamless network which means you no longer need separate networks for broadband, TV, security and other services, ensuring cost-efficiencies during build and maintenance.


Increased rental value

With less infrastructure and equipment than traditional cabling systems, SFI™ means more potential living space, driving rental value.


Future-proofed buildings

As residents demand more connectivity and connected devices, SFI™ ensures your capacity is limitless from day one.


Energy efficient

A fully managed service that’s guaranteed for 25 years, SFI™ draws less power, meaning lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint and a greener building.

SFI™- For the future of connectivity

Glide Residential’s Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™), sets our service apart in the developing Private Rented Sector. But what is SFI™? SFI™ is a faster and simpler way to cable your building.

SFI™ from Glide Residential is a cutting edge full fibre network that maximises space, reduces costs, adds value and ultimately, future-proofs your building - responding to the needs of tomorrow’s tenants, today.

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As part of the Glide group, Glide Residential brings together Build to Rent sector insight with the group’s market-leading connectivity services. That means we provide and fully control our own end-to-end network experience, guaranteeing super-fast speeds and ensuring your residents always have an outstanding service and in-house customer support.

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