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And their dedication to the student experience doesn’t end there. It can also be seen across many aspects of university life including its accommodation and facilities.

As we all know, a fast and reliable internet service is absolutely vital for today’s students, an integral part of their everyday lives! After receiving daily complaints about the existing service, the university decided to go out to tender in April 2017.

According to Ian Webster, Accommodation and Catering Manager for RGU, StudentCom came out “head and shoulders above everyone else in tender process.” Whilst price was an important factor, customer service, reliability and speed were paramount in what they wanted to provide to students. Since the service went live last September students have been enjoying a more reliable and faster service, whilst the university are delighted with their new communications platform Browzer, another value-add extra from StudentCom. Ian describes Browzer ‘as an amazing platform for students which is very student focused and very easy to use’.

As a proud part of the Glide group, Glide Student customers benefit from the group’s decades of cabling, connectivity, and communications expertise, innovative products, powerful insights, and national strength and scale. Together, we reach hundreds of thousands of students across the UK and enable everyone in this sector to do more with their time, their lives and their businesses.

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