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Customer Need

The University of Sunderland previously used a basic RESNET service, but they wanted to upgrade the infrastructure to meet the needs of their students. With Glide Student, they knew they would have a team of specialists who could come in, assess the situation, fit the infrastructure, and ultimately offer a good value for money service.

Ultimately, they also wanted a Wi-Fi provider they could trust, in order to maintain their good business reputation and keeping the students happy. As Trudy explained, “We need to know that the service they provide meets expectations and that they do what they say. We run a service VRM and a Q&A survey to ask our students how they are finding the Wi-Fi and what could be improved so we can make sure the service is as good as it can be.”

The Solution

Having a fully managed internet service has made Trudy and her accommodation team’s jobs a lot easier. Knowing the internet is taken care of and students can call our service desk to immediately respond to any queries means that both the Accommodation and IT departments are able to dedicate more time to other duties, focusing on what they do best: looking after the students.

The University of Sunderland also use Glide Student’s Web-Filtering feature in order to meet UUK compliance and university Safeguarding regulations, as well as the government’s PREVENT policy.

Students are also offered external Wi-Fi in addition to their bedrooms and communal areas. Students want to be connected wherever they are, and our solution means that social areas both inside and out of the properties have full wireless coverage.

“We’ve all just got a bit more time to focus on what we do best now we know Glide Student are looking after the internet, as that’s their specialism.  Our Service Manager is really helpful. Any problems we’ve had he ensures a quick response and does whatever is required to get things back on track. Overall, I’d say Glide Student are a really good provider and we have a positive working relationship with them.”

Trudy Doran, Head of Accommodation Services, The University of Sunderland

As a proud part of the Glide group, Glide Student customers benefit from the group’s decades of cabling, connectivity, and communications expertise, innovative products, powerful insights, and national strength and scale. Together, we reach hundreds of thousands of students across the UK and enable everyone in this sector to do more with their time, their lives and their businesses.

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