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Connectivity that keeps up with your students

If your WiFi is slow, unreliable or can’t handle the demands of thousands of students – each with up to six internet-connected devices all streaming, connecting, gaming and browsing at the same time – Glide Student can help transform your student living experience. Students simply expect the WiFi to work at the touch of a button, as soon as they move in. Ours does. Great connectivity can mean the difference between a half empty building with unhappy tenants and filling every room with satisfied students

Our products

Our decades of sector expertise and powerful Browzer insights mean no one knows students better than us. Our award-winning connectivity products are fully managed, 360 degree solutions that work together to deliver better student experiences.



With more devices, less time and greater expectations, your internet needs to keep up with your students. Ours does. That’s why Glide Student’s super-fast and reliable broadband is trusted by over 35 Universities.


Glide Home Network

So, students can connect devices to your network. But can their devices connect to each other? Glide Home Network wirelessly connects phones to speakers and laptops to printers.

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We guarantee speeds and reliability because all our kit is our own. We build, install and fully manage the entire experience, with a network that’s created to handle the demands of modern student living.



Connecting with your students is more than just providing internet. That’s where Browzer comes in. It’s our innovative communications hub that creates content, videos, and articles that students love interacting with.



Track user behaviour, performance, usage and engagement with our network analytics and in-depth insights that ensure student satisfaction.


Third party services

Our reliable network supports third party services such as BMS, IP CCTV, smart laundries, security and more, so you can offer a complete, cutting-edge living experience.


Web filtering

If you’re a university with a digital Prevent Duty, talk to us about our web filtering option for your halls of residence.


User and device support

Our in-house team provides multi-lingual round the clock support for tweets, calls, emails, troubleshooting and emergencies. (Yes, we can say ‘have you turned it off and on again?’ in 30 languages).


Customer support

The only thing more hard working than our network is our support team. Every single university has their own dedicated Service Manager that’s right there with you to proactively manage your network and propose ideas for getting more out of your solution.


“The IT department are now able to focus on the university internet service, rather than the accommodation side of things. We’ve all just got a bit more time to focus on what we do best”

Trudy Doran, Head of Accommodation Services, University of Sunderland

“Having a good internet connection is vital for students. If the gas and electric went down, for instance, I don’t think they’d be as bothered as the internet going down. Students nowadays definitely have multiple devices; it has factored into any service you get from a third party provider, it has to be fast and reliable. Glide Student came out head and shoulders above everyone else. It wasn’t just about price but customer service, reliability and speed were foremost of what we wanted to provide in order to enhance the student experience. The experience we’ve had, and the students have had, is night and day to what we had before.”

Ian Webster, Accommodation & Catering Manager at Robert Gordon University

“It was really easy getting connected. It’s always good. I would always expect there to be a good internet connection. I think it shows that the university is professional.”

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Glide Student services are trusted by the leading universities and student accommodation providers across the UK.

Glide Student: An easy choice for Robert Gordon University

A fast and reliable internet service is absolutely vital for today’s students. After receiving daily complaints about the existing service, the university decided to let StudentCom enhance their students' online experience.

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As a proud part of the Glide group, Glide Student customers benefit from the group’s decades of cabling, connectivity, and communications expertise, innovative products, powerful insights, and national strength and scale. Together, we reach hundreds of thousands of students across the UK and enable everyone in this sector to do more with their time, their lives and their businesses.

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