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Connectivity that keeps your rooms filled and your residents happy

The broadband that private accommodation developers need is completely different to typical high street internet providers: your networks have to handle hundreds or thousands of students, all streaming, connecting, browsing, gaming and downloading across multiple devices at once. Good thing Glide Student has super-fast, reliable WiFi that always adds value to your portfolio.

Because we’re part of the Glide group, our customers benefit from the group’s expertise in cabling infrastructure, communications services and best in class broadband. Our market-leading products are a fully managed, 360 degree solution that work together to deliver better resident experiences.

Products and overview

Glide Student products are built for private accommodation developers who have thousands of residents to keep connected and happy.


Connecting to Glide Student internet is as simple as picking up your keys, registering once and connecting instantly. No interruptions, no usage caps, no buffering.

Glide Home Network

So your residents can connect devices to your network. But can their devices connect to each other? Glide Home Network wirelessly connects phones to speakers and laptops to printers. Best of all? It’s part and parcel of our managed service.


We guarantee speeds and reliability because all our kit is our own. We build, install and fully manage the entire experience, with a network that’s created to handle your residents’ needs.


Connecting with your residents goes beyond internet. Browzer is our innovative communications hub that creates tailored content, videos and articles to keep your students up to date, driving tenant satisfaction and retention.


Track user behaviour, performance, usage and engagement with our network analytics and in-depth insights that ensure resident satisfaction and identity improvement areas.

Third party services

Our reliable network supports third party services such as BMS, IP CCTV, smart laundries, security and more, so you can offer a complete, cutting-edge living experience.

User and device support

Our in-house team provides multi-lingual round the clock support for troubleshooting and emergencies in over 30 languages. Call, tweet, email, live chat or use our app to get in touch.

Customer support

The only thing more hard working than our network is our support team. Your dedicated Service Manager is right there with you to proactively manage your solution and come to you with practical ways for getting more out of your network.


“As far as we’re concerned, we’re the market leader. Any service we provide, we expect it to be the best, which is a big part of why we went with Glide Student.”

Accommodation Manager, IconInc

“It’s just expected nowadays, so it would be a bit shocking if the WiFi wasn’t up to scratch.”

Private accommodation resident

Delivering 100% student satisfaction

Glide Student successfully transformed an iQ student hall’s WiFi experience from the bottom up, re-cabling the building, installing access points and ensuring every resident was delighted with the broadband.

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As a proud part of the Glide group, Glide Student customers benefit from the group’s decades of cabling, connectivity, and communications expertise, innovative products, powerful insights, and national strength and scale. Together, we reach hundreds of thousands of students across the UK and enable everyone in this sector to do more with their time, their lives and their businesses.

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