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Customer Need

Students were experiencing a very slow broadband service, limited Wi-Fi coverage and were frustrated by the lack of support. The previous internet provider had designed a solution that would never meet student expectations..

The Solution

By October of the same year, Glide Student had completed a detailed site survey then deployed a vastly improved temporary service to instantly improve internet speed and reliability. In March, to the relief of every student resident, the smooth transition to a full Glide Student managed internet service was complete. YPP are building and acquiring great student accommodation every year. Glide Student are proud to be the preferred supplier of managed internet service and this great partnership continues to improve student experience.

"It’s been a very smooth process working with Glide Student, from the transition, starting to use the internet and upgrades. They are very professional and always make sure we have enough information about what they are doing and how they are improving. Students were very happy- we did not receive any complaints whatsoever about Glide Student. They finally had the internet they wanted and that they were paying for.”

Isalie Bloemen, Lettings Manager, YPP Lettings

As a proud part of the Glide group, Glide Student customers benefit from the group’s decades of cabling, connectivity, and communications expertise, innovative products, powerful insights, and national strength and scale. Together, we reach hundreds of thousands of students across the UK and enable everyone in this sector to do more with their time, their lives and their businesses.

Next steps

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